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My blog some fantasy to science and technology - home owners

Baidu weight query stationmaster to trade links exchange website construction ,louboutin pas cher,web design ,louboutin,enterprise website construction for 313 Pando Daily TechCrunch Lucy ,the former executive editor of AOL package that sells a batch of his blog ,priced at $ 70000000 -1 .
One of the most eye-catching two pieces of meat are past their acquisition of attention science and technology TechCrunch and science and technology hardware Engadget .relationresultSoon,AOL CEO stand out of the rumor, that will increase the investment ,not sell them .
relationresultRelated articles:relationresultAOLCEO denies selling TechCrunch and Engadget rumors ,christian louboutin pas cher, relationresultPassAOL to dollar of 7 ten million package to sell Engadget and TechCrunch , relationresultButfrom this small farce, also to a technology blog problems .
relationresultForthe field of science and technology concern, has not only exists in the fancier stage ,it has spread to the general consumers .From the phenomenon ,we can also in tech blogs such as Mashable ,see about politics and entertainment information .
Because of concern for science and technology is more and more high ,for content, originality ,independent perspective is also getting higher .In other words ,spell the integration of content and spell speed has been unable to meet the general demands of readers, because you can write the others to write ,you can integrate the content ,Flipboard personalized reading application must do better than you, the readers why choose you? , relationresultSo open thescience channel ,a blog is more, but truly write original not much, everybody in the spell or compiled and reprinted by integrating the speed .
relationresult?&rdquo blog ;independence , relationresultScience and technologyblog valuable not only can create good content ,and it is not subject to others ,either neutral or very cheap &rdquo ;&rdquo ;the existence of the self .
And write some does not ache not itching ,service advertiser content blog in time will be abandoned by readers .This is also a technology blog commercialization caused problems .Because writing is about fun ,is also a moment ,if you do the traditional media ideas behind the blog to science and technology to establish a &rdquo ;&rdquo ,the editorial department ;his originality and independence is also a lot less color .
And this is also a reason why major suit ,the technology blog stay .relationresultMyblog some fantasy to science and technology , relationresultFrom the viewpoint ofFacebook ,Tumblr and other social media tried to recruit good content editing ,see Flipboard ,Google currents either in the reading experience ,the ability to edit content publishing ,low cost ,so I have some fantasy .
relationresultIn the futureas a media presence will be increasingly weak ,readers rarely will go to your site from a to Z to read the article, but to subscribe to a parcel of their interest in the topic ,whether in social media or reader .
Science and technology blog is a brand ,and it outputs the content is no longer a blog that a whole ,is a single article or with my idea of said ,is a piece of paper on a piece of paper to consume content .
You must ensure that your blog every article ( including the title ) is a mature product .relationresultFor this reason,let technology blog service with traditional advertising services advertising ,will become more and more no value .
From the above this article relates to a bulk of income from TechCrunch line assembly ,activity .Who knows the activities to make money ,who do activities ,it would appear that 2 issues ,1) the content value will be lower than the active topic and the title ,which is hung with tau ,sell not good meat ,2) activity of the legislative chaos allows participants to numb ,the last big home no meat eating .
Its effects are activities of commercial value greatly ,the original profitable activities finally does not make money .relationresultItcan support science and technology blog future revenue the way I think ,1) by independent professional content to correct brand value to the reader ( 2 ) is a soft ) ;social media and personalized reader reasonable to benefit sharing for content creators ;3) put the technology blog brand force is maximized ,the brand influence on the basis of some other form of win-win .
relationresultThere are other possibleinnovation I did not think of ,but you on CPM ,sell hard widely and do activities after a few years will be very difficult to feed themselves .relationresultOne

Hunan Lanshan county and the round belly. Partner substandard cosmetics

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Mask cosmetics industry new point of growth - - Information Center - China Cosmetics Network - China

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2012 Yihuagong cosmetics join do firmly Chinese cosmetics join t

Indeed,christian louboutin pas cher, if the Chinese all kinds of cosmetics brand is really too much.Want of talent showing itself from no two next true kongfu does not.Yihuagong cosmetics join pay close attention to product quality,louboutin pas cher, through the hand palm caring service mode will be the best products the best service,louboutin, as well as the best marketing strategy to bring the vast number of franchisee.
Let them join the rest assured, earn more happy.Combination of network marketing mode of publicity of Yihuagong cosmetics join to become more powerful, more wealth and look forward to working with you to share.

[Liaoning Provincial Transportation Bureau held complete 2012 province automobil

Shanghai Customs auction of confiscated vehicles Figure - Sohu Securities

Chongqing automotive steel 3 years after implementation of local made half years freight nearly 10 m

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Online shop guide blog china shop join earned

China Daily net time: sp.chinadaily.com.cn 2012-07-25 09:07 online shop guide, blog china shop join earned.Blog china shop joined the company headquarters to provide full support, escort operations, headquarters through the online virtual economy and real economy under the reasonable integration and alliance, for every customer to establish network of channels, but this alliance model, integration of various resources, quickly gathered throughout the enterprise, businessman, a single network store for information resources, China Network Alliance to help customers expand the profit channel, thus realizing the consumption flow sharing,christian louboutin pas cher, resource sharing, the sharing of information resources of commodity.
blog China Network Alliance,louboutin, to the vast number of entrepreneurs friends like straw grasped, find the right direction, and the blog China Network Alliance is a kind of tide innovation network of e-commerce platform, and because he appeared, that all brands are assigned to blog China network alliance platform, because of this,louboutin pas cher, their reputation is louder and louder, to join the customer, don't worry about supply problems.
Shop how? The business opportunities that China Network Alliance Network Blog by &lsquo; the full integration of network resources effectively, combined with thousands of products manufacturers, the United Network store agents sharing network sales market, reduce the cost and a variety of ways to achieve profitable &rsquo; philosophy not only helps a lot to bear the pressure inside and outside the &lsquo; &rsquo; small and medium-sized entrepreneurs across the &lsquo network bank; three &rsquo;, also realized its role as a bridge, China network alliance with innovation to create e-commerce in the myth, but also for the many people achieve entrepreneurial dream provides an opportunity to network.
Visible, online shopping is entrepreneurs shortcut choice, now joined blog China Network Alliance, will follow the industry to the peak, and your future is king! Heartbeat as action, because of the wealth is now in front of us, China Network Alliance to give you a chance to turn! At home make money, China online shop agent to join join blog.
Blog China Network Alliance in technology innovation, technology is leading the development of the concept, the headquarters has maintained a leading, and marketing department and other departments also, education and industry work experience is very high, the whole blog China Network Alliance has a highly efficient team.

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The complete works of marketing to boost the sales of cosmetics

On themarketing theory we have heard too much too much ,but a lot of practical job in marketing the person often says ,actually marketing no theories ,everything is done .A lot of marketing theory is through long-term practice followed by the experts and scholars perceive and after finishing and refining and told us ,at least it can illustrate the theory is not used, a theory can explain the practice ,at the same time ,the theory can effectively guide the practice of late .
In the 4Ps theory found before ,product design ,pricing ,channel control ,the promotion strategy is the existence and repeating ,however ,louboutin pas cher,since the theory was the father of marketing Philip Kotler sweep down irresistibly from a commanding height to put forward, it constantly in-depth marketing practitioners of life ,louboutin,playing an increasingly important role in .
relationresultFor the reader,complete marketing may be a new vocabulary ,because this is the recent comprehensive thinking after presenting a vocabulary ,not the play concept, wins the eye ,it is because the current marketing practice has such a phenomenon rather than a similar theory to explain such a situation .
relationresultHave a lookfirst invites the reader to your own or your relatives and friends is it right? There are :see the bookstore has a one or a series of collection ,an impulse to buy a home, see the one or two of them put it away unheeded ;girls see on the website of a brand of cosmetics packages ,let m friend or husband to buy back ,with less than half of them new ,old the dust-laden ;each using intelligent mobile phone people basically have downloaded some you do not use the collection ,platform software and procedures ,the actual use of possible just a few .
relationresultI believe thatsuch a scene in your life is not uncommon ,you may already be accustomed to bid farewell to the era of the planned economy ,the shortage ,we came to a great material excess era, in this era, many past time waste &ldquo ;&rdquo ;may be a &ldquo .
&rdquo ;.&ldquo &rdquo ;just right ;in many cases may imply a potential risk of inadequate and selective deficiency ,excess reserves are often becomes a good method to avoid the risks .
The complete works of marketing ,in this era, it is very conspicuous ,christian louboutin pas cher,but in order to explain the marketing ,the author put forward a complete &rdquo &ldquo ;appeal ;theory .relationresultFirst,what is the complete quests and complete marketing ?relationresultThe complete works of&rdquo &ldquo ;appeal ;refers to the consumer in order to avoid the shortage risk or by choice diversity considerations and demand perfection the role of psychological ,purchase know you ( may ) not completely consume products or services that kind of behavior and psychology .
While the complete marketing marketing, in order to meet the demands of consumers complete mental and formulates a series of marketing strategies and methods .relationresultIn second,complete marketing and traditional marketing way of comparison , relationresultFrom traditionalmarketing we understand, to improve product sales by two means :to increase the use of customers and ambassador dosage .
The increased use of customer method is to tap the potential consumers ,the consumers attracted competitors ,these two kinds of methods in the US has it is quite common for many banks ,credit card center in university inside various promotions and activities to the issue of credit card ,in fact from the college students ability ,cost the bank great benefits very small ,but they are on their future a consumption potential and prospect .
Another kind of improve product sales means is to increase customer usage ,is a classic example ,a brand of toothpaste sales have to go up not to go ,then only the toothpaste mouth increases one times and the use of more flexible plastic packaging material is easy to toothpaste sales volume increase ,in addition ,the present like Procter & gamble and other large cosmetic brand in advertisement advocate brushing your teeth every day three times ,always wash are influence character by environment in increased consumer usage .
relationresultCompared with the traditionalmarketing way that increases the volume increase in the use of the customer and the use of the quantity is compared, complete marketing features more luxury &ldquo ;&rdquo ;&rdquo and &ldquo ;waste ;,because complete marketing emphasis is &ldquo ;eat a bowl ,bought &rdquo ,pan ;complete marketing to sell to consumers in addition to product and services :demand perfection and psychological satisfaction ,avoid the risk of shortage and provide diversified choice ,meet the social needs of consumers .
relationresultIn third,case :the collected works of Jobs marketing thinking , relationresultAlthough Jobsleft, but the Jobs legacy Apple products as well as Jobs story is continued in the life .
From iphone1 to iPhone4 to shortly before the release of the 4S ,from ipad1 to ipad2 ,Jobs each a product release will be in the community caused a great disturbance ,Jobs just to thousands of dollars of high-end machine sell into &ldquo ;arcade &rdquo ;.
As a marketing person ,we should pay more attention to Jobs method ,in addition to hunger marketing ,the author think he uses most should be complete marketing .Eyes closed ,Apple products many of us can backwards fluently ,and even some &ldquo powder ;&rdquo ;to each a product performance and the release time are remembered ,but in some other brand ,even as the current sales more Nokia ,HTC ,Google ,Huawei ,Lenovo ,a few people can remember what they launched a number of series of products ?relationresultIt was because Jobsis a series of products ,and each product has its own unique improvements and features ,so whenever there is a new product, loyal consumers always willing to prove his identity and the fierce pockets .
The reason and the TV series sequel is the same, that Huanzhugege has achieved impressive ratings , my 2 and 3 girls soon appeared, but not expected made spectacular ratings ,ten years later ,the Pearl although full reviled ,but still achieved good ratings ,but this and Jobs Apple sales model is the same ,are to meet the consumer demand perfection ,complete &ldquo ;&rdquo ;the complete works appeal .

but most of the syn

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Zhangjiajie's first study of folk culture and folk customs of Zhangjiajie published monograph

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Create a handsome model Japanese cool die Zhixiazi

lead: in a recent issue of general merchandise, Japanese cool die Zhixiazi brought winter clothes with brand-new deduction,louboutin, make handsome trip dress up,louboutin, you are in the winter of choice,louboutin pas cher!Following the fast to learn about it! more wonderful,louboutin pas cher, please pay attention to Sina fashion street shoot gradient T-shirt render with denim shorts gradient T-shirt render with denim shorts, a handsome model, external a hair tie leather coat can be very good to warm,christian louboutin pas cher, in tube Knight boots is modeling bonus key! striped dress shirt with shirt striped dress, very atmospheric,christian louboutin pas cher, and a black motorcycle leather, make handsome Street tidal model.
wild and Sexy Leopard Dress wild and Sexy Leopard print dress, with a light Khaki locomotive jacket and Oxford shoes, casual handsome.
Dot Shirt with black tights Dot Shirt with black tights, and a loose sweaters, casual and handsome.Xinhua Xinhua Xinhua

Kaffir beer flowers in full bloom - Dalian sea pow

Write homework business popular writers holiday ca

This should not be a hope!Tang Rixi Bo blog global blog web


let you become the

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Gelatin in the field of cosmetics everywhere cries

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